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Times change - and so do our customers' needs. We're committed to inventing, innovating and initiating new systems to meet those needs. We view challenges like reducing costs, meeting strict environmental regulations, and enhancing product performance as opportunities to think creatively. Our expansive history of innovation and technology allows us to uniquely tackle present and future challenges.

We serve a broad array of customers and industries.This diversity has driven us to become experts in a variety of coating technologies, including liquid, powder, solvent, water, epoxy, urethane, clear, and opaque.

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Diamond Vogel Logo

Formulated for professionals, Diamond Vogel Paint is designed to make your jobs looks great - every time. Whether you're a painter, property owner, home builder, architect, or designer - when you team great paint and outstanding Diamond Vogel service, you have an unbeatable combination.

Visit diamondvogel.com for more information.

Vogel Industrial Coatings Logo

Vogel Industrial Coatings are designed and manufactured to give protection or beauty to a wide variety of surfaces and substrates. Liquid and powder coatings are engineered to meet precise customer requirements.

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Old Masters logo

OLD MASTERS is nationally recognized for its comprehensive stains and finishes program. The smallest detail is equally important as the big picture when it comes to meeting, and exceeding, your expectations. Our commitment isn't just to quality finishes, it's also to finish every promise we make with a commitment to your ultimate satisfaction.

Visit myoldmasters.com for more information.

Van Sickle Logo

Both Van Sickle and Vogels trace their roots to rural America and the need to formulate high-quality coatings to withstand the often harsh and varied environments of life in the country. When the two businesses combined forces, our customers reaped the benefits of 100 years of service to the Farm Fleet and Hardware Wholesale markets with a commitment to their specific needs.

Visit vansicklepaint.com for more information.

Peridium logo

Peridum Powder Coatings offer excellent application and performance characteristics. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for tightly controlled particle size distribution that provides

Visit peridiumpowder.com for more information.

Vogel Industrial Wood Coatings

Vogel Industrial Wood Coatings delivers specialized solutions for the wood coating market. We have partnered with Hesse-Lignal, a leader in cutting-edge wood coatings in Europe, to meet the ever changing requirements of the market with innovative, quality products. We are committed to building on our tradition of outstanding service to meet the needs of this diverse market.

Visit vogelliwc.com for more information.

VCM logo

Vogel Custom Manufacturing offers the most diverse array of coating production capabilities in the upper Midwest. Serving the most elite customers in the industry, we take pride in manufacturing our customer's formulas to exact specifications each and every batch.

Visit vogelcustom.com for more information.

Vogel Automotive Coatings Logo

With more than 90 years of experience in the coatings business, Vogel Paint brings the same expertise that made us one of the most sought after paint companies in the United States to the world of automotive coatings.

Visit vogelautomotive.com for more information.

VTS Logo

VOGEL TRAFFIC SERVICES is here to show you the way. Even the smallest glare of a far off lighthouse can provide much needed direction to the weary sailor who has lost their way in the night. Our commitment at Vogel Traffic Services is to provide you with the same kind of safety and direction. We are along side you, through every inch of your journey, guiding the way and providing comfort both day and night.

Visit vogeltraffic.com for more information.

EZ-Liner Logo

EZ-Liner has been setting the standard for quality pavement markings since the 1960’s. With that storied experience and knowledge, EZ-Liner builds some of the most dependable, innovative, and hardworking striping equipment available. Whether you’re in the market for a walk behind striper that will mark an airfield or a large, long line, highway striper, EZ-Liner offers products that will tackle the job with simplicity, efficiency, and professionalism.

Visit ezliner.com for more information.